Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Anyone got a hankie?

Scouting around in my Fibre Stash for something colourful, I unearthed this silk that I bought from PM Woolcraft at a show.

The turquoise is a full cap, the orange cap, I've already prepared and wound into slim roving. The pink are hankies.

Not sure what I'll do with it once I've spun it up. I guess I'll need to check the yardage.


At the last Guild meeting we had a group photo taken of our winning entries for the Rare Breeds Show - turns out we won 16 prizes between us, including Best in Show and Judges Favourite.

(Stop Press: This was reported in the local paper, fame at last!)

Cecilia, originally from Colombia, gave us a talk about her travels around South America and showed us a whole mass of textiles she'd bought on her travels. Mostly weaving. The colours were very vibrant.

The next outing relating to the Guild is this weekend at Chale Show. Chale is a small village on the bottom tip of the Island which holds one of the annual shows held here during the summer. I have volunteered to do the Sunday, demonstrating spinning in the craft tent. The weather is supposed to get warm again by the weekend, and less blustery. I'll still be taking my fleece along just in case. Been caught out in the sea mist rolling in off the Channel up there too many times before!

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