Monday, August 07, 2006

Chale Show

A really successful event. That is apart from me forgetting to take my camera! Lots of people attended, and we drew a lot of interest from the locals and holidaymakers.

I was really tired and aching by the end of it. Treadling for 7 hours solid - I'm just not used to spinning for such long periods yet. I filled a bobbin and a half of singles ready for some double-knit I'm planning to use for a cardigan. Things got a bit sticky as the tent reached 28 degrees C, so fibre wasn't gliding through our hands very easily. Ruth advised talc, so I'll remember to buy a tiny tub of baby powder to take to my next event.

I also started spinning my pink silk which I'd prepared from the hankies. I did this on a new spindle I picked up from the Rare Breeds show. It's a lot easier to work on something in the slow motion of the spindle, as the silk is so hard to draw. Sue S from the Guild was spinning directly from a cap which was impressive. She also had her Great Wheel in the tent which she was demonstrating from time to time. Here's a page all about the Great Wheel from Wikepedia. It really is a large beast.

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Dawn said...

I'm so impressed with your spinning! You've only been spinning a short time longer then me...but you are getting great result! Congrats on your first! I'm using a drop spindle at the moment. I've joined the Hampshire guild though and will be showing at the Romsey Country show....hopefully it will be cooler in Sept then it has been! Happy weblogging, knitting and spinning!