Monday, August 21, 2006

Spinning Injury

No, I didn't prick my finger and fall asleep for a hundred years..... I strained my shoulder (trapezium?) muscles! Not sure whether this was exacerbated by washing the car beforehand, but crikey IT HURT! So much so it woke me up in the early hours and I had to resort to painkillers.

I'm not sure whether I've been overdoing it, or sitting incorrectly, or both. I'll have to slow the progress on my double knit blue-faced Leicester down a bit. At least I've now managed to obtain a more accurate gauge. Hurrah!


I fell in love with this Frank Herring spinning wheel being offered on ebay.

I just love the huge curved arc of the flyer, the lovely round ended bobbins and horizontal in-built Lazy Kate, but I was outbid on it last night by a long way. My Guardian Angel knows I couldn't really afford it - but it was nice to dream. Sigh...........

1 comment:

ra said...

ooh, saw the picture and thought it was you that won it. I missed it too!!!!
It's a beautiful wheel, but I've won a different one now. Picking it up this weekend so I'm all excited!