Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another day, another scarf

The sun is dazzling today, but still cold enough for another scarf.....

This one is made with Louise Harding yarn from last winter - Kimono Angora and Kimono Ribbon. Both in the complementary Shade 01. I knitted it sideways on a circular needle and cast on loads of stiches and knitted in garter stitch stripes until I ran out of yarn. Some ripping was required to work out the best use of the yarn.

Unfortunately this has stretched alarmingly and is now v-e-r-y long, so I'm half tempted to rip it out and make it shorter but wider.


I have a spinning day in the diary for this Saturday, but have an overdue essay to write and two birthday presents to think of and buy this weekend. I don't think I can allow myself the luxury of a whole day spinning - no matter how tempting it is.

Better to get the more onerous tasks done and at least be able to sleep easy at night!


kay said...

Hello Fleece!

What a pretty scarf! I love the colours...perhaps it will go back to its original shape after washing or dry cleaning?

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

Artis-Anne said...

Lovely colours; what a shame its stretched I would have thought that knitting it sideways and using garter stitch would have kept it in shape. I only make scarves at the moment if I HAVE to LOL ; I got scarved out last year after making over 20 and all different .