Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Knitting Progress

Here's some of my knitting progress. First up - latest version of My So-Called Scarf knitted in Debbie Bliss Maya:

Next, the back and sleeve of the Malabrigo Jacket knitting up to a Colinette Point Five pattern. Not sure on the shade, but it might be Damask. I'm using this doubled, so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have enough to complete it!

Then a cardigan in Colinette Tagliatelle (Venezia), this is almost complete:

Lastly, the Barra jacket in Rowan Soft Tweed (005 Twig) from the Classic Winter booklet that I started back last Summer... hardly any progress (and not a good picture either).

My obsession with Moss Stitch (Seed Stitch) continues apace.

I have all of the buttons sorted for these knits too - so there is no excuse to finish other than long dark evenings which sap enthusiasm and motivation.


Recently I took delivery of some Easy Dye yarns from Ros at 'Forest Fibres' on eBay. Some lovely muted shades which should suit the scarf project I have planned for the Guild Challenge.

When I looked out my KoolAid - the colours would have been far too strong.


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