Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Welsh Odyssey - 1. The Curse of Colinette

I was up with the lark last Thursday, on the 06:15 ferry and off on my journey to Colinette.

I usually use Multimap.com directions which have been really reliable in the past, but this time even driving a Porsche on an open road wouldn't have got me to my destination in their timescale. Phew!

I finally reached the little trading estate alongside the Llanfair to Welshpool Light Railway around noon.

I rang the bell and was admitted to the yarn version of Aladdin's Cave. After staring at the sumptious yarns on offer, I decided to be very businesslike and track down my most wanted yarn and fight off the lure of any other.

Hence my purchase of some Skye - this makes excellent felted bags - the destination of this little lot.

Of course, resistance is futile, and I was drawn by the siren-call of some cotton chenille in the Forest colourway. I needed 6 to make a boxy jacket. That's when the Curse of Colinette struck. Whenever I've decided on making a garment - they're always one skein short of my preferred colour. I quit while I was ahead and exited, stage-left, clutching my bag of Skye before I committed myself to another colour that I was bound to hate when I got it home.

I then headed off to my next port of call - Trefriw Woollen Mill........


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Artis-Anne said...

LOL I told you Colinette was good; we spend ages in there and i always come out with more than I had planned for. Eager to read how the rest of your trip went and WHAT happened with your wheel ?