Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Welsh Odyssey - 3. Wonder Wool

I'm playing catch up with the blog, having been away from the blogging PC for 10 days or so, hence, posts may lag behind for a while yet.......

After spending a day with my folks in Lancashire, I set off early on Saturday morning and headed for Builth Wells in central Wales.

The mountain roads in the Brecons twisted and turned until I was almost lulled to sleep at the wheel. Eventually I arrived at my destination. The rain clouds overhead gave everyone a regular dousing throughout the day.

There was a lot to see, for as well as Wonderwool, it was a smallholder's festival, and there were masses of livestock to see, a food hall, plant stalls and events happening in the central ring.

I concentrated my visit on the yarn and fibre. There was a whole building full of goats, and showcases of competition entries.

This was an exceedingly fine skein. Pity I'd got rain all over my camera lens for this one.

Nearby was a pen of camelids. Not sure how they differ from alpaca.

Then it was onto the Wonderwool building, and some serious retail therapy with my as yet unreceived birthday money!

A HUGE Bo-Peep with Shaun the Sheep in her basket greeted visitors at the entrance.

Demonstration by Gracie Tyller - spinning on a Great Wheel. She also had a large loom very like the one made by Joy at our Guild.

Lastly, my abundant haul. Guess who's having a cerise moment......

Some skeins of lovely cashmerino from Eirwen at Knit Witches Yarns in the Luscious Pinks Colourway.

I bought this laceweight from Jen at Fyber Spates

Then some merino from Moral Fibre. The fleshy pink colour is for my felting stash, and the cherry is to spin up for a garment - obviously the ball of cherry is a lot bigger - this is just a wee sample!

I found some lovely gingery shetland fibre to extend my laceweight spinning obsession. This was from a member of the British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association.

I bought some white silk from Sally Pointer

to dye with this Kool-Aid from D T Crafts

Finally, two wooden items. First, a Braiding Disc kit from The Mulberry Dyer

Second, a plying tool from a stall I can't remember the name of (sorry!).

So there we are. Quite a bit to be going on with, and a perfect use for my birthday cash.

At this rate I'll be going to Woolfest purely for a look around.......... well, my poor purse can dream can't it........? ;o)


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