Friday, August 03, 2007

Impossible Picot

I'm used to adding a decorative edge to my knitting after the construction of the main garment piece.

The Freedom Spirit jacket I'm working on uses a scalloped edging pattern which is laid down before the main knitting starts.

What a struggle! Immediately after the cast on, I found myself attempting to yf, k6, pass previous 5 knitted stitches over the first one. It was impossibly tight and I had to resort to fingers to assist. I'm still not convinced it looks the same as the pattern photo.


At our last Guild meeting we had a demonstration on making Thai jewellery. This was very interesting. From very basic tools and components - waxed thread, fish bones, stones and shells - the Thai chap made really attractive necklaces with pendant beads. Each necklace took around 3 hours to complete. The main knotting principles were macrame based with variations.


This weeekend I am demonstrating at Chale Show, and it will be my first outing with the Kromski Sonata. Hopefully lugging my kit from field to field will be a breeze with the rucksack arrangement. Projects to do on the day will be to spin up some natural white yarns to skein up for our dyeing day later this month.

The weather forecast looks good, so it should be a fun day for everyone.


Our Guild swept the board again at the Weald and Downland Rare Breeds competition and came home with 17 rosettes, including the Show champion.

Well done to all of the ladies who entered.

The standard of entries was reportedly higher across all classes this year so it was a good challenge.


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