Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fibre Frenzy

I've been really busy over the last three weeks getting up enough stock to sell at a local craft sale.

Last night I very nearly fell asleep standing up after an arduous felting session which resulted in the creation of these:

They're currently drying out ready for the pins to be sewn onto the back.

I've also been knitting hats from my handspun, and creating designer yarns, wet and needle-felted some Christmas tree decorations, and have some old stock of recycled sari silk crocheted scarves and other bits and bobs including a wet-felted bag, and a knitted and fulled bag made from Colinette Skye which felts up excellently.

I'll try to remember to shoot some pics when I run a full inventory of items tonight.

First, some felted Christmas Puds:

A felted bag - Front: Back:
Several Beanies - handspun and knitted:

A neckwarmer knitted in handspun 'Black Forest Gateau' - merino and beads - DK/Aran weight. Faux leather button as a closure.

Finally, my designer handspun yarn:

First up - 'Strawberries and Cream' and 'Jaded' - two-ply merino and silk - DK weight.

'Love-in-the-Mist' and 'Violas' - two-ply merino - DK/Aran weight

'Meadow' - two-ply merino - DK/Aran weight.

'British Marble' and 'Francophile' - two-ply merino - DK/Aran weight

'Passionelle' - two-ply merino & silk, and 'Forest' - two-ply English Wool - DK weight.


Cat Morley said...

Those look fantastic

Lizzy said...

Those flowers are amazing - are they your own design ? I would buy one for sure.

CannyCat said...

Those are fabulous christmas puds!! I'm sorry your craft fair didnt go better, have you thought of trying to sell to local gift shops?

Catherine x