Monday, June 19, 2006

30 things about me - (Hipknits Competition)

Kerrie of Hipknits is turning 30 this month and has a list of 30 things about her on her blog. She's offering the chance to win some yarn if we reciprocate, so here are mine:

1. I adore cats.

2. I was born in the same Maternity hospital as Sir Paul McCartney (the nearest claim to fame I'll probably ever have!!)

3. I've been knitting and sewing since I was 5 - my dolls were very well dressed.

4. I'm potentially a fully trained ├╝ber-housewife, but I'm still single and have no children.

5. As a child, my career ambition was to work on the till in Marks & Spencer - it looked so interesting, and you got to see all the lovely food.

6. Aaaah, food. I love food.

7. I am not thin. No shock there then.....

8. I'm very good with my hands, and pick up new crafts quite easily.

9. When I was 7 I was in love with Sacha Distel I thought he was sooo handsome, and his lovely French accent, ooh la la!

10. At my infant school we had a cat called Beauty, she used to casually parade through the dinner hall every lunchtime and bask in the mass adoration of 150 small children. My first experience of Feline Superior Power.

11. I mourn the loss of 'proper' penny sweets. Since they took the horrible colouring out of candy shrimps - they just don't taste the same any more.

12. My mum was a very sophisticated cook ( for the 1970's) and loved to dish up european cuisine. I used to beg to go to my friend's house where her mum made some weird dish from Bachelor's Golden Savoury Rice, eggs and cheese. Kids!

13. I'm an avid reader, and have inherited the book-hoarding-gene from my dad. It's chick-lit at bedtime, and more challenging fiction during the day. I also have a big collection of needlecraft books.

14. I was born on the feastday of St Joan of Arc. The original exponent of Girl Power!

15. I'm a qualified Manicure and Pedicurist.

16. My favourite actor is Alan Bates - a lovely bit of Northern rough in his youth. Sadly, now in heaven with Sacha.

17. I met my last boyfriend via an online dating site. It hasn't put me off online dating, but I'm fine by myself for now.

18. I'm half way through an Open University degree in Psychology that I started in 1993.

19. I moved to the Isle of Wight from Liverpool (no Scouse jokes please) in 1980, and now sound like a very posh Northerner.

20. I always use a cable cast-on in my knitting.

21. I love the internet. I get to interact with people who are into the same stuff as me, which I never get to do irl.

22. I always thought that Virgil was the most handsome on Thunderbirds. Scott was such a poser.

23. My first full time job was as a bus conductress. It was a really good experience. I miss working with the public as I'm now in an office.

24. One of my treasures is a limited edition print of Noggin the Nog. signed by those great animators, Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. Creators of Pogles Wood, Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss and The Clangers. What a class act.

25. My yarn stash is considerable. My fleece stash is currently tiny in comparison.

26. I love people with strange/funny names - probably because I have one. I scour the credits of films for good examples. I now find it handy to have an odd name, but at school it was hell.

27. I went to Art college, and still dabble with watercolours and acrylics.

28. I would love to walk the Pennine Way and visit Florence.

29. I have double-jointed thumbs.

30. I could not live without; books, yarn, bird-song, the change in seasons, cheese, my freedom.

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