Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Debbie Bliss - Pure Silk

I spotted this shimmering in John Lewis several weeks back and had to grab a few skeins. It really is as soft as butter and luxurious.

The lady at the till asked me what I was going to make with so few skeins, so she obviously hadn't seen the Pure Silk pattern book which has a skinny scarf for those of us who daren't buy enough for a garment.

I've finished the Aqua (Shade 07) which needs blocking. The Coral (Shade 12) needs winding from the skein, and I'll find a different lace repeat to do for that one. They should be nice with summer shades. Here's one ball on my nostepinne.

You can wind a centre-pull ball using one of these, so your yarn doesn't hurtle around the room when you're knitting. I bought mine from Laura and Peter at Twist Fibre Craft it's listed under Spinning Accessories.


Yesterday the postman brought me my latest spinning related book, it's Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney. There are a few colour plates, but it's mostly reading, so I'll have to concentrate on that when I feel a little more compos mentis. Plenty of info about plying and dyeing yarn at first glance.


Sabine said...

Hi Jan,

how does the silk behave? From my experience, a scarf is a far better option to knit from silk than a sweater. I did once a sweater in a wool silk blend. In the end (after a couple of months) it was even to big at the end of my pregnancy. Can you imagine how much it stretched/widened in all directions?

Fleece said...

Hi Sabine,

The silk shows the stitch detail really well, but looks like it would go a little fuzzy on the surface with wear. I've only used recycled silk other than this, so I don't have any experience with a whole knitted silk garment.