Monday, June 12, 2006

Isle of Wight Festival - what a scorcher.

This weekend I was at the Isle of Wight Festival. It was so hot it took all effort just to sit still, and even that was exhausting. A hat, neckerchief scarf and factor 40 suncream saved me from the inevitable sunburn.

I was most interested in the Foo Fighters who were headlining on the Saturday night, and they didn't disappoint. The gorgeous Dave Grohl really played to the audience. It was 90 minutes of jumping around and yelling the lyrics along with everyone else. Combined with a stunning lazer show it was great end to the Saturday.

I was going to take some knitting with me for the quiet times between acts, but thought I might get turned back at the gate for possessing sharp pointy sticks.


At the moment I'm knitting a skinny scarf in a new Sirdar yarn called Medici. It's a nylon/polyester/cotton blend and I'm using the Laguna colourway. It's quite grippy-onto-itself due to nylon puffs plied with a 2-ply cotton thread and twisted sparkle. The nylon puffs seem to be tied onto each other - lord knows how they manufacture these fancy yarns - it seems so complex.

I frogged this back several times trying to find a pattern to suit the yarn. Alternate eyelet holes; small fountain; simple stocking stitch. In the end nothing was enhancing the yarn, so I've plumped for a k1, p1 rib so it stays flat.

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Kristin said...

Hi Jan! I saw your comment on my blog on my clapotis - my first comment!! I too love the Foo - how lucky you were to get to see them!!