Monday, July 17, 2006

I wish I had a garden.....

After being at my Mum's for a week in her lovely garden, I've really been hankering after my own outdoor space.

Here are some pics of her oasis (note the lack of Hosepipe Ban up North enabling it to look so lush and green).

Due to a very weird and aggressive set of neighbours that moved in next door I abandoned my garden for several years as they wouldn't stop staring at me over the low fences whenever I was outside. (Thankfully they moved on recently.) Consequently my trees have totally overgrown my little space and the garden birds have found lovely homes. This means I'll be waiting until the end of summer and nesting before I can chop it all back and start again.

A raised veggie patch would be good to have in a new scheme. A lot nicer to grow all of my own salad veg and cheaper too.

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