Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finished projects

At last, some finished items.

First off, my entry for the Hipknits competition 'Shoreline' - with the addition of some seashells and driftwood. I tried to simulate a strip of shoreline with the waves and foam breaking on the sand.

Three hats for BISS - some more to knit up yet:


Yesterday the Guild held a dyeing day in Judy's garden. I forgot my camera yet again, so can't show the amount of skeins we produced, or the lovely garden.

Here are my mini skeins and fibre:

We used logwood, sanderswood, brazilwood, cochineal, bindweed, weld, cutch, and some other wood chips that we were given by a wood-turner at Chale Show. We also did a pot of passion flower fruit, but I had already dunked my skeins so didn't get to use that. Some dye pots had mordants added later on, hence the range of colours.

Apparently the dye will leach when I first wash the yarn, so I'll end up with a more pastel palette. Looking forward to spinning the coloured tops. Not sure what to do with the miniskeins, perhaps make a patchwork of squares for demonstration days.


cyndy said...

Your colors from the dye baths are beautiful! Sounds (and looks) like it was a lovely dyeing day!

Fleece said...

I was amazed at the colour range. I thought I'd come back with a lot of various shades of ochre!