Thursday, August 31, 2006

Woolverton Manor Country Garden Fair

The next date in the Guild's Diary is this coming weekend. We are demonstrating in a Barn in the grounds of the Tudor Manor.

I'm demonstrating on Sunday, and at least we won't get wet if the weather turns inclement. I've never been to this Fair, so it will be good to take a break and have a look around.

Can't decide what to take with me to spin up. I'll take my wheel and some spindles, and I might even take some weaving sticks. I have some ready prepared Shetland, and would like to spin that finely to make a shawl.

Hopefully I won't forget my camera this time.


My mum was in the operating theatre this morning for a hip replacement, so I was trying not to get mega-stressed. Thankfully my step father has spoken to her and apart from the expected grogginess from the anaesthetic it all seems to have gone well.

I now have to not stress out about her catching anything dodgy like MRSA from the hospital! Hopefully the next week will pass quickly and she'll be home safe.

Time to check the car over for a weekend trip up North in the near future.

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