Monday, October 30, 2006


I emailed Blogger about my mysterious disappearing post. Written in the morning, successfully published for all to see and strangely deleted late that same evening when I was miles away from a computer. I have been underwhelmed by their usual non-response. Grrrr.....

I suppose I will have to re-write the whole post from memory when I get a spare hour.

Boo and Hiss to Blogger.


Back in August I signed up for an 8-week Plumbing course at the local college. It was on a Monday evening. Unfortunately the Tutor was ill and the start of the course was delayed. It started again 3 weeks ago on a Tuesday evening (?!) so tomorrow I have an interesting choice - weilding my gas torch and cutting copper pipe, or attending my monthly WSD Guild meeting.

I think the Guild will have to win, even though I am embarrassed to say that I haven't produced anything of note since last month. I haven't touched my wheel or spindles. I think I must have overdosed during the Summer. I have many outstanding Projects due for the Guild. I think this is the down-side of having to work full-time. Many of my Guild colleagues are retired and have 24/7 to work on their projects. I feel like making a big sign for my office saying:



Currently on the needles is a version of My So-Called Scarf which I perch on a stool and knit whilst my evening meal cooks away. I bought a few balls of Wendy Fusion in the Cajun colourway. This goes from scarlet to orange and pink and is half wool/half synthetic. Feels soft. The pattern won't be quite as good as using a really well space-dyed yarn, like the original version, but interesting all the same. The stitch pattern gives the scarf a fairly solid construction, doubling the thickness in effect.

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