Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post-Christmas Teddies

Our Monthly Guild meeting was held on Saturday.

Last autumn, we were asked to create tiny teddies for one of the many Chrismas Trees that are decorated every year in the village church of Brighstone

Here they all are waiting to be returned to their owners. Knitted or crocheted from handspun, or needle felted from fleece.


We also had a talk from Alan Flux, a fashion designer who currently works with the VSO in Bangladesh, India and Mongolia.

He showed us many examples of the needlework, weaving and feltmaking from these regions of the world.

You can read about Alan's work here and see the fairtraded felted bags that are produced in Mongolia here on the Ganesha website.


Spinning and Knitting prduction has been shelved recently in favour of very early Spring Cleaning and/or general Hibernation.

Today it is brilliant sunshine, but the nights are still long and dark. Daylight hours are spent at work toiling over a hot PC and telephone.

Roll on that lottery win!



Susan S said...

Cute teddies! I keep trying knitting, but never sem to get the hang of it!

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for posting on my blog; love the expression you used 'Nanism' :) How are the socks coming on ? I am just using the plain Opal pattern but yours sounds more exciting. I'm up to the toe but am knitting a few things at the moment which is not like me ; I blame a head cold :)
Oh and I love all those cute teddies