Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunshine, and the Calm after the Storm

Yesterday was an exciting weather day all over the UK with Storm Force winds battering the country.

The BBC had a news reporter down in Portsmouth, and I had phone calls from relatives expecting tales akin to the Hurricane of 1987. Apparently the BBC had reported that the Island was cut off, and that no ferries were operating. This was a touch of media sensationalism, as the Wightlink car ferry was running all day - albeit on an odd sort of timetable.


Finally I've found my camera lead. So here are some pics from the Guild Christmas party.

First off is Joy, weaving on an Iron Age replica loom that she and her husband built.

Next is the Christmas challenge - to make and decorate a mask using handspun or fleece.

The winner was Carol with her Geisha mask - strung on a woven frame made during a one-day basket making class.

The picture doesn't do it justice.



Artis-Anne said...

Oh wow love the masks , so which one are you :)

Fleece said...

I was too swamped with other stuff going on to get my act together and make a mask, so sadly none of the mask wearers are me.