Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Robin Hill Garden Show

Well, the weather couldn't have been more unfortunate for this event. Gale force winds in the Channel meant that the exposed parts of the Island were hit by fairly gusty winds and drizzle.

I attended Sunday and Monday in the end. Sunday was a breezy day, but the rain held off. We were positioned in the Craft Tent, and it was a bit draughty. I was woefully under-dressed in summery clothes where it has been so temperate recently. I ended up making use of one of Sue's exhibits - a merino and alpaca shawl - nice and cosy. Shame about my feet, chilling in their flip-flops.

Here's our set up, with my abandoned Traveller to the far right of the pictures.

I was going to take some pictures of the other tents and exhibits on the Monday - but it wasn't the sort of weather you wanted to stand out in for any number of minutes. We had to take down all of the display we'd hung on the walls of the marquee as they'd become wet in the overnight downpour.

I managed to spin and ply another full bobbin of lace-weight grey shetland, and a half-skein of the turqoise silk and wool. One of these days I may take a peg loom with me to a demonstration day and get more into my weaving.

Several people approached us and asked about giving talks in schools and to groups - that would be such a dream job - waffling on about the joy of fibre for a living. While I'm stuck on the treadmill of full time work, servicing my mortgage - that time looks a long way off!


As I never get to go on what you'd call a proper holiday (a full-board week in the sun type-of-thing), I'm planning some mini-breaks this year that incorporate finding out more about my current love - fibre and spinning.

With this in mind I'm in the process of planning a weekend break to encompass Wonder Wool Wales and while I'm up country try to get to Trefriw Woollen Mill to see mechanised wool production from start to finish and the Brynkir Woollen Mill near Porthmadog. Then Colinette's Millshop for the headrush of all that colour. Finally the Cambrian Woollen Mill in Llanwrtyd Wells with Winder Wool in between.

I'm hoping I can fit this all into 3 days, but may have to stretch to 3 nights away if it looks too impossible. There don't seem to be many direct roads in Wales and I'm sure I can remember from my childhood that it's exceptionally twisty, bumpy and mountainous. Scary!

If Artis-Anne or any other Welsh residents stop by and read this, please could you let me know if these places are worth a visit, or indeed if my plans to drive all over Wales in 3 days are extremely naive! :o)


I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement, as after some months of umm-ing and aah-ing, penny pinching and saving, I've decided to buy myself a proper travelling wheel that folds up.

I've gone for the Kromski Sonata from Wingham Woolwork and can't wait for it to arrive. No more struggling to carry a folding chair, an Ashford Traveller, a basket and a carrier bag from field to Showground. Wheel in a backpack - both hands free! It'll also fit neatly into the car when I'm travelling and not take up all of the boot space.

I'm not sure how I'll get on with double-treadling, but after the burning sensation in my right leg on Sunday night after 6 hours spinning I'm hoping it'll even out the stress on my poor old knees. Here's hoping.

I may do something mad tonight - gather up all of my spinning so far - almost 12 months worth and shock myself into starting to knit something up. I think there may be quite a lot.


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Artis-Anne said...

I have just done a long post & Blogger ate it :(.......

So this is a summary.
Great photos, shame about the weather.
Wonderwool Wales ; we are going this year for the first time as everyone said last years was great , hope so .
Colinette is a MUST for the sale room alone ; although if you expect to see the mill working you won't, its just the shop selling the yarn thats open to the public .
Trefriw & Bryncir again in our area but last time I went to Trefriw in August there was a resident spinner there (summer months only I think )but we didn't see the mill actually working as we didn't have time but they do sell the fabric etc. Bryncir I haven't been to for a while so can't say. These mills produce mainly the fabrics which are now quite expensive. I had mine years ago and they are still lovely .
I too want a more portable wheel than my A Trav but mine is double treadle and so much better for my joints as I have arthritis . I can't make my mind up between the new Kromski , new Louet or a Lendrum so will be very interested in how you get on with you new toy :)plus I need to save some pennies also !!
If I can be of further help please mail me at tussockhoppers at hotmail dot com