Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Colour Production

After my endless yards of natural spun fleece, I've gone colourful.

Last year at the Weald & Downland Rare Breeds Show, I bought some silk caps and a hankie.

You can see above that I've already prepped the orange cap.

On Saturday at the Guild AGM, I bought some tangerine merino from Ann & Jill (Ewe Too) which blended perfectly with the single of silk.

I whipped the merino into a single in double quick time watching re-runs of Inspector Morse on Freeview.

The resulting plied yarn looks startlingly colourful, but nice, in an orangey way.

I also prepped my silk hankies from the Lewes purchases at Guild, and got to work on the blotchy one - plying that with some burgundy merino(?) from my fibre stash.

At the Guild AGM I was voted onto the committee - but apparently my committments won't be much more than my currrent involvement.

We also had a workshop with Ewe Too making Dorset Buttons. These were tricky to get into the swing of, but once we'd grasped the concept it was just a case of getting into a rhythm. We made a crosswheel.

There are a lot of pattern varieties, and we saw some beautiful examples made by Marion Howitt.


Surfing around yesterday, I was dismayed (not) to see a website promoting another UK fibre festival (my purse, and the mileage on my car winced as my eyes lit up.....)

Fibrefest will be held in Devon on the 1st & 2nd September this year, neatly dovetailing at the end of the Great Dorset Steam Fair which is, afterall, only in the neighbouring county!


This weekend I'll be demonstrating at the Robin Hill Garden Show so we're hoping that the weather will continue to be dry (an overnight shower might be nice for the garden in the meantime!) This is a new outing for the Guild, and it'll be interesting to have a walk around when we get to stretch our legs.

I haven't decided what to take to spin yet, but I did acquire a couple of local Dorset shearling fleeces last evening which will need washing and some work before I can get going. That might be something interesting to do, as I usually spin from prepped tops, so folk only get to see the spinning part of the process.


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Artis-Anne said...

Some great spinning there and I love the burgundy blend very much
OH NO not another Fibre Festival ? I don't think my purse will stretch that far as we are going to Wonderwool and Woolfest