Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Latest Knitting

One of the easier projects I have underway at the moment is what I'm calling a Scrap Stole.

This is made from random yarns in complementary shades and knitted lengthways on a circular needle in garter stitch. I don't have enough yarn to make a fringe from each different ball - so I'll be making that from a fresh one to blend in.

It had a good reception at the last Guild meeting, so it must have looked OK.... there was much debate as to whether a fringe was required and the concensus was 'yes'. That'll be the final stage.

Next to go on the needles is a jacket in Twilleys Freedom Spirit.

Oh that I was that thin, and that young again! :o)

Not sure about the patch pockets on the front - I'd rather add that extra yarn to the length of the jacket, but I like the picot-style edged trim around the shawl collar. This is also across the back of the jacket to make a yoke - not sure about that either! But I love the way the striping yarn is mismatched and contrasts on the lacy edges.

I've chosen shade 508, the Bliss colourway. It's pure wool and only £2.90 a ball. Not bad.

I'll definitely have to do a tension square for this (I'm naughty and usually don't bother.) It's been a while since I've knitted something that's produced such a stable fabric - it will really make a difference if I'm not matching the stated tension.

Hopefully it won't get consigned to my On The Needles 'percentage bar limbo' that all the other jackets have ended up in.


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Artis-Anne said...

Great stole and I love the colours.
I agree re the jacket I too would rather it longer, again nice colours