Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Flowers from an Admirer?

Yesterday I received a message at work to pop down to main Reception. When I arrived, there was a small bouquet of flowers waiting.

Be still my beating heart?

No...... they were from some of the team I work for, thanking me for the complicated event I organised before I went on leave.

Here they are inexpertly crammed into the only tall vase I own. The poor things were fighting for space all evening as I heard rustling sounds from time to time as I sat knitting.


I completed my tension square for the Freedom Spirit Jacket last evening, and it was almost spot on. Result! it seems ages since I knitted with needles as small as 3.25 and 4mm - such is the popularity of chunky wool.


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Artis-Anne said...

Don't you just love getting flowers ? and those are gorgeous. Its so nice to be appreciated isn't it ? Enjoy , your deserve it:)