Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh blogger!

I was just thinking yesterday that Blogger had been extraordinarily well behaved lately.

Now changes to my Template don't appear on the blog, but they're there on the template. Comment counts are showing zero when there are comments to the post.

Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon. STOP PRESS.: Yay! It's fixed.


Not sure if I mentioned previously, but I've acquired a new wheel thanks to an unexpected mini-windfall of cash from work.

Weary of humping around my super little workhorse, the Ashford Trav, plus chair, plus basket & bags from the car to the middle of fields on demonstration days; I resolved to buy myself a proper folding wheel.

Ladies at my Guild have an assortment of folding wheels - Ashford Joy - Louet - Lendrum. The Ashford Joy is way too low for the way I work, and the other wheels just didn't appeal somehow - looks or price-wise. I wanted something with an orifice at a comfortable height.

The Kromski Sonata spec looked like it might fit the bill, the price was very reasonable and the rucksack was free. So I'm now a novice owner after buying one from Winghams.

The wheel is pretty straight forward to set up, but I'm having to get used to one of those stretchy plastic drive bands and double treadle which seem a bit weird at first. I haven't spun anything up on it as yet, despite it being taken up North and back in the boot of the car [blame the crochet]. It's all ready to go now, and I really need to get to grips with it as I'll be using it at our next demo which is at the beginning of August at Chale Show.

The thing I'm liking especially about it is the rucksack - both hands free - and the capacity of the bobbins. They'll hold more than the regular Ashford size, so that'll be good for getting a better length skein when I'm spinning laceweight.

I picked up some chestnut Shetland at Wonderwool and I want to spin some of that up to go with my cream, grey and chocolate. I then plan to attempt a 4-coloured lace shawl in the natural shades.


Singleton Rare Breeds Show is this Sunday at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. I wasn't sure whether I'd be free to go or not, so if I do, it won't be with the rest of the Guild who've hired a coach, but on public transport. I've discovered a bargain combined ticket on Stagecoach from Portsmouth which includes all day bus travel and entrance to the site.

Despite winning my class in the spinning competition last year and bagging a rosette for my Novice skein, I'll now be up against all of the more established spinners. Far too daunting a prospect this time around, so I've not entered anything.

The weather forecast looks promising, but I'll make up my mind for sure when I see the sky on Sunday. It's an outdoor event with marquees, and would be pretty miserable traipsing around in the rain.


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