Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Been working on both knitting and spinning over the Bank Holiday.

This is the latest from the Freedom Spirit book - the Kimono Jacket. At some point in the armhole decrease, the pattern changed and put some weird L-shaped pieces of block colour in - instead of the alternating strips of colour. I thought this incredibly weird and ignored it and kept with the pattern as set. Now I'm wondering if it looks far too checkerboard ????

There is an I-cord in the red-orange which goes across the back at shoulder-blade level to divide it up a bit, but I'm wondering if frogging is in order.

What do you think?

Elsewhere............ on the Sonata, I've continued to spin up the Corriedale. I now have about 300g spun up in what looks like varying weights!

This is all due to me getting tired at Chale Show - I tend to get sloppy in my drafting. Hey-ho. It all adds to the texture and look of handspun. When I was very new at spinning, I was sometimes criticised for mimicking commercially prepared yarn. Is it a bad thing?


On Saturday I began another public transport odyssey by bus to see how far I can get away from Portsmouth on a Day Rover Ticket (usually £6.50). After stopping off in Chichester, I got too tired to go further than Midhurst in West Sussex.

So far I've reached:

Brighton to the East (50 miles)
Guildford to the North East (50 miles)
Bath to the North West (80 miles!!)

OK, I spend a LOT of time on a bus, but it gets me out and about for very little outlay, and I get to read a lot of novels.

How about having this great building for your local library? The people of Midhurst do.

Midhurst is the sort of place where people drive cars which cost more than my house - and men wander around in chinos, navy blazers and straw panama hats.

There was one wool shop, but it was closed for the Bank Holiday......typical.

My only craft related purchase of the day was some baby wool to make a cardigan for an expectant colleague's new baby when he/she arrives at the end of September. I haven't done any baby knitting since the 90's when all my friends were having kids, so I'll have to get back into the swing of tiny garments.

I also bought some mega-cheap audio books on tape from a charity chop after reading on CRAFTSTER that some people like to listen while they spin.


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Seahorse said...

I think Kimono Jacket is looking stunning! I can't find a picture of the original back online but I'm finding it hard to see a valid reason for the 'L' shape bits - I think your idea is better!