Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here are my skeins from Monday, still a little damp, and still in need of a proper soapy wash and condition before they're ready for use. On their second plain water rinse, the colour was leeching out of some of them like mad. The beige skein is nearly back to its original creamy white. Not sure which dye bath that was in - perhaps walnut?

I made up small skeins of very fine Shetland and some double-knit weight Merino.

No plans for the merino exactly, but I did seem to get a variety of milk chocolate shades which might be nice to knit or crochet up 'something' small in future.

I'm especially liking the two shades of purple at the top of the pic (logwood and huckleberries) which I'm hoping will be enough to do some coloured bands in some natural cream Shetland in a lacy scarf.

The bright yellow skein at the bottom is annatto - this is most commonly used as a food colouring in margarine and the like.


My Scallop Edged Jacket is still progressing slowly. The sleeves are at half length now. Progress is slow because I'm only knitting in my half-hour lunch break. Plus I have so many other things on the needles and on the bobbins!

I've already started another garment in the Twilleys Freedom Spirit. I wish I was less scatterbrained unfocused fickle when it comes to projects.

The jacket is knitted in shades 502 (Fire) and 506 (Air). This is a project for sitting down at home with the yarn around me. Rather than cut random lengths of yarn to make the blocks, I'm just knitting up from the balls.

This means on the back section currently, having 11 balls of wool tangled up around me. Not the easiest of methods, but I don't want to run out of yarn because I've made too many bad judgements on guessing how much yarn to cut off for each section. Plus I'm hoping it will be less to darn in at the end!

So far it's looking good, and the fabric is nice and firm. I have no idea when all of these Projects are going to cease being WIPs and turn into FOs. Everything I put into my blog sidebar has stalled right were it was at that time. Progress = 0%!!!!


My trip to Dorchester on Saturday was wet and windy and I came home drenched to the skin after battling through the horizontal rain in summer clothes with an inadequate girly umbrella. The ferry was lurching from side to side - in over 20 years, I've never known the car ferry to pitch in such a way. The Commander came over the PA and said it was a combination of wind against the tide. Quite exhilarating for those who like that sort of thing.

My haul from Frank Herring was very modest. I bought a small foam pad for needle felting, and a few spares for my Ashford to have in just in case. Also, some more of the white Corriedale tops to spin up, and a little bleached linen. Our Guild challenge this Christmas is to produce an item not made from wool. I thought I might have a go with some other fibres and actually take part this year.


I know I've mentioned the dreaded 'C' word in August, but really I should be turning my thoughts to making gifts. Certainly the weather at the moment has prompted longings for winter casseroles, mashed potato, and an extra quilt on the bed. I'm stoically still dressing for summer, but my sandalled feet are begging for socks and boots......

Last year I had loads of plans to make presents which were all abandoned due to lack of time. I still have the pre-felt I made for my sister's felted bag. So at least I have made a start there!

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your colors are lovely!

i have the same starteritis problem ;-)