Thursday, September 06, 2007

KidSilk Krazy

Yesterday I reached levels of palpable excitement as I read my bulletin from Knitting Daily.

There was a review of a new book release from Interweave - Folk Style by Mags Kandis.

In it, is a Modern Quilt Wrap, and joy of joys, it's knitted in Kidsilk Haze:

Regular readers might remember the Chantal stole by Kim Heargreaves that I crocheted for my Mum in June/July.

There was yarn over from that, but I didn't want to repeat the crochet, so this will be a perfect way to use up my odds and ends. Hurrah! I may have to increase the colours or substitute, cos some of my part-balls are very small.

I've pre-ordered the book from Waterstones, so should get it as soon as it emerges in UK bookshops.


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