Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Knitting & Stitching - The Aftermath

It was an exhausting trip to London on Sunday for the Knitting & Stitching Show. Left home at 06:40 and returned at 23:30. Quite a long day.

London was packed - so much more so than in previous years when I've visited the show. I was totally squished in on the coach on the way home.

On the outbound trip I made several hats for the Innocent campaign for Age Concern (see my sidebar). They're lacking pompoms at the moment, but I'll need to finish them at the weekend as they need to be in the post on Monday. I managed 40 last year, but I've been too busy this time. I need to get myself organised earlier in the year.

While at the show, I took a short workshop making silk paper. The workshops had been sited right next to the cafe and the noise levels were very high. The Tutors were shouting to be heard. It was a bit manic. I've yet to iron my paper, so a pic will follow later.

My modest and bargain haul from the show:

Some variegated mohair for using with my weave-it loom, silver angelina, grey and black silk roving, various threads, some mega-fine silk from Habu and some bargain ultra-fine cotton, and silk throwsters waste from Texere.

Some nymo and bargain seed beads, some sequins, lobster clasps, a couple of buttons to finish off two hats I've knitted with my handspun, and a cone-end of Hemp yarn from The House of Hemp to practice some rainbow dyeing. Finally some huge balls of acrylic to knit a jacket on 15mm needles using all 4 strands. The garment looked great on the stand at the show, and it will be a quick knit that I may even actually finish!

I trotted off to Borders in Oxford Street and bought the latest edition of Spin-Off, as there's an article in there using mini-combs to prep fleece.

I bought some majacraft combs last year, but am a bit clueless on how to use them as they have round handles and can't be clamped to the table.


I am still working on that baby cardigan for a colleague, at this rate he'll have started school by the time I get it finished.........

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