Monday, October 08, 2007

Wingham, Winchester and Woven Wicker

Late last month our Guild arranged a weekend visit from Wingham Woolwork, a fibre business based in Rotherham in South Yorkshire. There was a Try and Buy day on the Saturday and a Spinning Workshop on the Sunday.

I was spinning like a demon on the Saturday, and having a go with small amounts of allsorts of fibre I'd not had the opportunity to handle much. I managed to spin and ply this skein.

The fibres are:
100 count merino
Luminous space-dyed synthetic
Variegated merino in autumn shades
Variegated merino and silk blend in red shades
Milk protein
Jacob humbug
Jacob humbug and silk blend
Multicoloured trilobal
Light tussah silk
Black mohair
Merino and soya blend
Black alpaca and silk blend
Soya bean fibre
Fawn alpaca

and finally........Possum.

I bought a couple of spare bobbins for my Sonata, some coloured merino for felting, and a humbug blend of Shetland, along with some small samples and some of the variegated autumn mix which is here, with one lot of singles on the bobbin.

I'm currently plying this into a laceweight, and was intending to knit something from Victorian Lace Today with it until I spotted the Muir pattern on the cover page of the Fall 2007 issue of

Picture from

The subtle autumnal shades of the yarn should suit the leaf pattern of this stole perfectly.

I've also started spinning up some eye-popping lime coloured Corriedale in laceweight, which is definitely destined to be a shawl/stole from Victorian Lace.

I had some startled reactions when I started spinning such a loud colour, but the pictures in Victorian Lace show quite a few bright modern colours and they look fantastic knitted up as lace.


I had a week off work last week and after a shaky start, the weather was really glorious. For October, it has been really sunny and relatively mild. I took a quick jaunt to Winchester and enjoyed the sunshine in the grounds of the Cathedral Close. You can just see the very small tree in the middle ground turning to stunning autumn reds and golds.

It was the sort of warmth that makes you want to lie out and snooze on some grass while listening to the distant drone of light aircraft passing overhead. (Pity the grass was so wet!)

I visited my favourite craft shop in Winchester Creative Crafts who have a lot more stuffed into their store than their website would suggest. I came away with some sequins, thread and beads for some art yarn I have in mind.


Also while I was at home I visited our local Art Gallery, Quay Arts to visit the 'East Weaves West - Basketry from Japan and Britain' Exhibition.

Some of the Exhibits were stunning:

If you live near Hove, you can catch this exhibition later in the year, then it goes to Holland.


I'm eagerly anticipating my trip to Ally Pally on Sunday for the Knitting and Stitching Show.

Got all of my tickets booked for the coach and the Show and the Show Guide is through. I'm doing one of the workshops on making silk paper which is around lunchtime, and I'll also be trying to squeeze in John Lewis and Liberty before the shops shut.

Not that I end up buying anything much there, but it's nice to see yarns like Noro and Louisa Harding 'in the flesh' for when you see a lovely pattern on-line and wonder what it would be like knitted up.

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