Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lace and flowers

Last Saturday I ventured out on the train to Horsham in West Sussex to the Annual Lace Fair. Spent a good hour chatting on the train to a friend from my Guild and our local Knit & Natter group. A nice surprise to have a travelling companion for one part of the journey.

I worked on my baby jacket for a work colleague who is due off on maternity shortly, and J worked on yet another sock in her own hand dyed sock yarn. The sock siren has yet to call me.......

It was a truly gorgeous day, and I was conspicuous wearing a wool coat, but leaving home early in the morning meant being a little bit sensible.

This time round I was able to shop with confidence now that I know a little more about the whole lace thing, and I picked up some more bobbins and threads. I also replaced my Needle Tatting book which I gave to my Mum for Mother's Day. It is a needlecraft she has failed to master over the years using the leaf-shaped shuttle, so maybe she can get on with the needle technique. I am sure she'll attempt a doily or two for her dolls house.

I want to have a go at some cuffs that I saw in an issue of Piecework Magazine. I need to get motivated again as I seem to have fallen out of love with knitting and spinning generally.

I walked through the park into town after exhausting my budget at the show. You can see how dry the ground is after so little rain this winter.

The town was covered in flower sellers - it being the day before Mothering Sunday. Enjoyed a browse through the shops, bought some second hand paperbacks and devoured some delicious Orange Polenta Cake and rested my weary legs.

In the centre of town and appearing as a new feature since my last visit was this sculpture...

Quite a departure from this very old part of the town. A very narrow alleyway between two old buildings.

And here is how the town planners get over developing around an old architectural feature....

Yes,the newer building really is just a gnat's whisker width away from the spire.


I have Guild today, so must do my secretarial duties and get my bag sorted with the necessary paperwork. I've decided against taking my wheel, and will continue with my Weave-it project. Nice and small and portable. Off now to make salad and get organised. Funny how I have been up since before 6am and I still manage to run late!!!

Clocks go forward tonight, so an hour of my weekend robbed already.....sob!

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