Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summer's End

I haven't blogged for MONTHS... and I miss blogging. Just been so busy with work and stuff.

Since my trip to Horsham I've been up to quite a bit knitting/craft-wise.

In May I went to Wonderwool Wales and had a great day chatting to folk from Welsh Guilds and making a few discerning purchases, mostly spinning fibre.

May and June I was working on a mega lace project for my Mum's birthday. This is the North Roƫ Shawl by Dodile on Ravelry modelled by my friend H, who is about the same height as my Mum, so I think I went one repeat too far!

This was a laceweight handspun merino, an autumnal blend I bought from Wingham Woolwork a couple of years ago when they came to our local Guild.

This was spun on my Kromski Sonata when I first bought it, which I must admit hasn't seen much action lately, so I must get her out again and oil her up.

June was the annual pilgrimage North to the folks for a short break and a trip to Woolfest, and the folks took me to Bodnant Gardens in North Wales which was stunning.

I also managed to cram in a trip to 3 Mills in East Lancashire. Helmshore, which has a water wheel and HUGE fulling hammers which I have never seen before. Queen Street, which still has all of its original weaving looms and equipment, a 'Fred Dibnah' chimney, huge steam engine and stunning views of the surrounding moors. Finally, Oswaldtwistle (which is now a shopping outlet) which still displays some unusual jacquard looms and miscellaneous paraphanalia.

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