Monday, September 04, 2006

Windswept Woolverton

What a horrible weekend's worth of weather!

The strong winds and rain made the event very trying for the exhibitors. Brave members of the public still attended though.

I ventured out of our barn and took a few snaps.

A celtic band playing, with a couple of Tudor re-enactment folk right at the back.

A few of the plant stalls, being tested by the winds

Half of the Guild members who attended, and my Ashford Traveller on the right.

The other half of the group.

I made up a couple of drop spindle kits for the show with some natural and coloured merino and managed to sell one of them. All adds to the dwindled coffers!


My mum's now out of hospital and learning to cope at home with her new hip. I was so pleased to talk to her after 6 days silence. I was reassured she was well and on the mend.

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