Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Indian Summer

We're still sweltering in the heat down here, at this late stage in September.

Just when you think it's time for a cardigan or sweater, the sun comes out and everyone's back in shorts and t-shirts.

As usual I forgot to take my camera to the Apple Day so can't show you pictures of the rare breed white baby calf or the two adorable alpacas.

I was continuing with my fine spinning for the demonstration which is taking an age.

Here is my first large skein of laceweight shetland.

In close up, with a penny to show the scale.

The next challenge will be some chunky yarn. I'm slowly waxing and building my Traditional Ashford wheel in order to attach the jumbo flyer that Sue S. has lent me. Then I'll be spinning something big and bold.

Knitting has been put on the back burner lately, but I need to get going on some projects and get them done in my lunch break. Usually I end up grabbing a bite to eat and drifting back into working after 10 minutes which is not good.


It's our monthly Guild meeting tonight, and I'm on the tea rota. I've had a bit off the end of the sultana loaf that I've made and it seems a bit dry. Hope the middle is better! Haven't made a cake for over 12 months so I'm totally out of practice.

At least on this occasion I have something for Show and Tell. I think we may have picked up a few new people interested in joining the Guild at the summer shows, so it might be quite busy. Tonight we have a speaker coming to talk about Indian Textiles.


Tomorrow is d-day for giving blood. I'm perfectly calm about it today, but tomorrow will be a different story. I'm thinking of a blindfold and ear plugs so I'm totally unaware of anything! I just hope they'll want my blood after all the anticipation. I might be anaemic or something. As the saying goes - every little helps. I'll be so proud if I go through with it.

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