Friday, April 27, 2007

Lewes Needlework Festival

Last Friday I escaped from work and took an epic journey by Bus to Lewes for the Needlework Festival.

I was very restrained and came away with a few remnants, threads and silk fibre.

I plan to make a bag with the dark green velvet and the leaf patterned fabric.

I had a conversation with Jay from the East Sussex Guild, they're holding an Exhibition in the Autumn which is usually attended by the Island Guild - not heard news of this yet though.

Having a walk around Lewes afterwards my nose was alerted by a strong malty smell, and sure enough I was very close to a local Brewery.

The town was awash with curio and antique shops with multiple floors of collectables - so many that even I started to flag after a while!


Last weekend was the Queen's birthday - so Osborne House was flying the Union Jack. I wish that us locals could get closer, but the estate is quite large, hence the misty shot across the fields.

On my way home later I noticed that the summer site of the local car boot sale had some new inhabitants and I couldn't resist a closer look.

Mum was very wary in this shot and stood giving me hard stare for quite a while. The little black lambs are so sweet.


Toworrow is the Guild AGM, and also we're being taught Dorset Buttons by Ewe Too who are visiting. I haven't any completed work for the Challenge Cups this year, so I'll be doing a lot of admiring instead.


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